Why Ryder Solar Power?

Okay, so you’ve done the research and you’re pretty sure you want to go solar. Problem is there seems to be lots of solar companies out there and you’re not sure which company is the best one to use. It’s an excellent question and one we would encourage you to ask. There are some good solar companies out there (and some not so good ones) and you want to make sure you are getting a good deal.

We’re not in the habit of knocking other solar companies because like us they are probably passionate about solar. But we do have a few reasons why we think you should get in contact with us:

  • Number one, we are a proactive and enthusiastic company with a passion for providing customer satisfaction. We love working with solar because it means we see happy customers every day.
  • We provide a complete solar proposal at the time of the initial consultation. This proposal will include the size and cost of your system, the savings you can expect and your expected return on investment. No waiting around for days or weeks to receive a quote via email.
  • Solar technology has been developing fast and we follow these developments closely. We realize people are looking for up-to-date as well as the best value solar systems and we are passionate about providing the many benefits of solar to our customers.
  • People like dealing with people. Ryder Energy isn’t a big corporate company, we are a family business. This means our customers experience a unique and personal customer service because we are adaptable to each household’s energy needs.
  • We don’t believe in shortcuts. No one benefits from a dodgy or unfinished solar installation. We go the extra mile to ensure your solar system exceeds your expectations and our system warranty reflects that. We provide turn-key solar solutions and stand 100% by our installations.
  • Finally, solar energy is more than a business to us. It’s an exciting and empowering journey….We want you on for the ride.

Solar for your home

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