Why Christchurch and Canterbury is perfect for solar power

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We Cantabrians love our region and there are lots of great reasons why. The great recreation opportunities right on our doorstep with sea, rivers and mountains close by, an international airport providing a gateway to the world, fantastic education and healthcare facilities, the world’s best provincial rugby team, the list just goes on and on. We also have a beautiful climate which makes Canterbury a great place to live but this climate we enjoy also makes Canterbury an ideal place for solar power.

You may now know this but solar performs at its best in low temperature sunlight and Canterbury with its high sunshine hours and moderate temperature means solar panels really crank the energy and make solar super-viable for Cantabrians. So on those cold and frosty days in June and July when even getting out of bed takes a superhuman effort, you can rest assured your solar panels are loving it and they are busy pumping power into your home.

To give you an idea how we compare with other regions Christchurch has approximately 2,050 sunshine hours per year. Blenheim with 2,500 sunshine hours is the leader with Nelson and Tauranga a little further back on 2,400 and 2,250 sunshine hours respectively. Other major centres like Auckland (2,050 sunshine hours), Wellington (2,050 sunshine hours), Palmerston North (1,700 sunshine hours), and Dunedin (1,600 sunshine hours) have similar or less than the sunshine we enjoy here in Canterbury.

So you might say that while we have great sunshine hours it is still less than other areas. Fair point, but because our average temperature is lower, this means the superior performance of our solar panels goes some of the way to making up for the fewer sunshine hours.

Another area we have researched recently is the uptake of solar systems in Christchurch. The results were eye-opening to say the least. We looked at the last 5 years from August 2013 to February this year. We won’t bore you with the detail (that’s for another day) but just briefly this is what we found:

  • In August 2013 there were 107 solar installations in Christchurch
  • In February 2018 there are 1740 solar installations in Christchurch

Not a bad uptake of solar over 5 years is it? It shows Cantabrians are getting serious about their energy usage and are waking up to the idea that solar isn’t just a pretty concept – it actually stacks up.

So have a think about all of this and if you haven’t joined the solar revolution yet, maybe now is a good time to jump on the solar wagon. We would urge you to do the research because we believe you will be impressed.



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