Solar products we use

You are probably wondering what is required to construct a solar system for your home.

Well, there are a lot of components, factors and compliance that need to be considered in order to design and install a high performing system but we won’t bore you with the detail. Let’s keep it simple at this stage. We can always explain in detail further down the track.

There are 3 main components to a solar system. The PV solar panels, the mountings that attached the panels to your roof and the inverter. Of course there are other items as well like junction boxes, isolators, conduit and cables but the panels, mountings and inverter are the core of a solar system.

Solar Panels: These panels capture the sunlight and produce DC (direct current) electricity. Not all solar panels are created equally and Ryder Energy use only quality solar panels from trusted suppliers.

Mountings: Used to attach your solar panels to your roof. These mountings must be able to cope with extreme weather conditions. Extensive testing has been done on the mountings we use to ensure they can handle weather events like high wind speeds and high snow loading as well as being corrosion resistant.

Inverter: The inverter is usually installed close to your switch board and is responsible for converting the DC (direct current) electricity your solar panels produce into AC (alternating current) electricity which can be used to power your house and appliances. We also offer micro inverters, small inverters which are attached under each solar panel to convert the electricity of each individual solar panel to AC. Ryder Energy only use the most trusted and recognized inverter brands.

When you install solar you don’t want to be having ongoing issues. For this reason we don’t take risks. Ryder Energy use the best components and the best practices so our customers enjoy years of savings and satisfaction.

Solar Panels

Ryder Energy offer 2 brands of solar panels. Suntellite and Trina. Both brands are renowned in the solar industry for their quality. Trina are the worlds largest solar panel manufacturer and we offer several different Trina panels.

Mounting System

After extensive testing Ryder Energy have settled on Neuton Power's solar panel mounting system. Neuton Power mounting systems are our chosen mounting system because of their flexibility and engineering compliance.


Solax, Enphase, and SMA are our chosen inverter brands. Solax and SMA are both globally renowned string inverter brands while Enphase is the worlds leading micro inverter. Ryder Energy offer multiple models of each of these 3 brands.

Trina Solar
Solax Power
LG Chem