Ways solar can reduce your energy bill

The key to getting the most out of solar energy is to use the electricity from your solar panels as the electricity is generated. While surplus power can be sold back to the grid your electricity retailer is likely to pay only 6-10c per kWh so it makes sense to use as much of your own power as possible. As your solar panels will only be creating energy during daylight hours, it’s vital your home is tuned to use as much of its energy requirements during the day as possible. This will allow you to keep your reliance on grid-produced electricity at night to a minimum. Here are some helpful tips on how to use your own solar power as much as possible:

Use energy efficient appliances

One obvious way to reduce your energy usage is to purchase energy efficient appliances when buying the likes of new washing machines, tumble dryers or dishwashing machines. These appliances in particular require a lot of power to run and ensuring you purchase energy efficient appliances can save a lot of power over their lifetime.

Get your house to optimum temperature during the day

Set your heat pump and electric heaters to come on during the day to get your house to a comfortable temperature before nightfall. Heating or cooling your house draws a lot of electricity and if you can use your solar power to warm or cool your home during the day this means you don’t need to draw off the grid as much during the night time.

Reheat hot water during the day

Hot water is the biggest user of electricity for most households. Set your hot water cylinder on timer so it is reheating during the day using your solar energy. Otherwise you can install a device that diverts excess solar energy to your hot water cylinder. As most people are using hot water in the mornings or in the evenings, reheating your cylinder during the day using your solar energy makes perfect sense.

Run appliances during the day using timers

Use timers on your appliances so they come on during the daytime. By setting your appliances to come on at different times during the day the solar energy you are generating will be used on a consistent basis. If all appliances are running at the same time they may draw more power than your solar system is making.

Use a slow cooker to cook during the day

Another great way to save energy is to cook your meals with a slow cooker during the day by using power from your solar panels. This avoids running your high energy appliances like kettles, ovens and cooktops during the evenings when you are drawing electricity from the grid.

Store energy with batteries

Finally an excellent way to save on your power bill is to install batteries (either when you install solar or retrofitted later on). Batteries allow you to store your excess solar energy so it can be used at night.
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