Installing Solar – Step by Step process

When we install solar systems, Ryder takes responsibility for coordinating as much of the process as we possibly can. Once you have signed our solar proposal we will do the work, making your transition to solar generated electricity as quick and as simple as possible for you. While there may be a couple of small things for you to arrange, it is our mission to have you running on free power quickly and with minimal effort! Here’s how the process works:

Step 1: Making contact, site visit and solar proposal

Once you have made initial contact with Ryder to express your interest in solar, one of our solar experts will arrange to visit you at your property to discuss your energy requirements and check your roof to ensure it is suitable for solar panels. Once our solar expert has all of the information required, they will use our quoting tool to produce a complete solar proposal which will include the size of your system, what the system will cost and also what energy savings you can expect.

Step 2: Lines Company Approval and informing your Electricity Retailer

Once you have signed off our proposal and made the initial deposit, we will apply to your local lines company to install a solar system. Ryder will lodge the necessary paperwork on your behalf in order to apply for approval. Once your solar installation is approved, we will contact your electricity retailer, on your behalf, to arrange for an import/export meter to be installed. This meter will measure how much power you sell to the national grid and how much power you purchase from the grid.

Step 3: Installation of your Solar Power System

Once we have the necessary approvals and have arranged for the import/export meter to be installed, we will carry out the installation of your solar system. This normally takes 1-2 days depending on the size and type of system installed. The installation will be carried out by a registered electrician who will issue a (CoC) certificate of compliance. Once the installation is complete it will be inspected by an electrical inspector who will issue a (ROI) Record of Inspection. Once both the CoC and the ROI have been provided to your local lines company your solar system is ready to be switched on and the savings will begin!
Ryder takes pride in making the process of installing solar quick and simple. Installing solar is what we know and doing it once and doing it right ensures installation is fast and professional and the benefits of free energy are long-term for our clients.
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