Solar for Your Home

So why would you install solar on your house? There are multiple reasons why it's a great idea, the main one being that running on solar power saves you money every month. We've listed some of other the reasons below.

Here are some key reasons to use Ryder to install solar in your home:

  • A solar panel system will generate free electricity for at least 25 years. Our solar panels are covered by a 25 year performance warranty.
  • Ryder will design a solar panel system that meets your individual requirements. Solar is not “one size fit’s all” and we are very particular about recommending a system that fits your needs and will provide maximum savings. We ensure you are not investing in something you won’t use.
  • Ryder use only top quality components. Taking shortcuts isn’t in anyone’s interest and we ensure you will have a system that exceeds expectation.
  • As well as reducing the cost of running your home, a solar system will add value to your house. If you come to sell in the future, a well performing solar system will increase the value of your house.
  • Once the initial investment in solar has been made, the system requires very little maintenance. Apart from occasionally cleaning your panels, you can simply forget about maintenance and enjoy the savings.
  • When Ryder installs systems we make sure you have the ability to add more panels in the future. If your electricity demands change or you want even more energy savings we can add more solar panels in the future.
  • Ryder are committed to the business of solar and will stand by our installations. If you have any questions after your solar system has been installed we are more than happy to help. We are committed to our customers for the long term and take an on-going interest in the benefits they gain from solar power.
  • We offer great finance options with our solar installations. To find out more click here: Finance for your solar system
  • Ryder offer great rewards to our customers when they recommend our solar systems to their friends. Click here to see what we are offering this month if a friend you recommend purchases a solar system from Ryder Energy. This Months Offer

Here at Ryder Energy, solar is more than a business.
Solar provides great benefits for our customers and at Ryder our people get immense satisfaction out of seeing the positive impact solar has on people’s lives.
Your satisfaction is our passion!

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