Mission & Values

Our Mission

To be a key player in leading New Zealanders into the inevitable new age of solar energy generation and energy storage while giving complete satisfaction to our customers and providing for our people and the wider community.

Our Commitment to New Zealanders

Ryder Energy is a young and energetic company committed to both providing and proving the benefits of solar energy to New Zealanders.
We are committed to providing the most modern and efficient solar systems available today in order to empower New Zealanders with energy independence. Ryder Energy is dedicated to our mission and we will stand by our work.

Our 5 key values

Ryder Energy have built our company around 5 key values which represent our brand. Our people understand these values and abide by them. Our commitment to these values is the core of Ryder Energy. We genuinely believe our single-minded focus on these 5 key values will result in a positive and satisfying experience for our customers.

Action Orientated
It’s about getting things done. Procrastination is a killer, completing tasks maintains great morale.

Be 100% honest all of the time. Even when it’s difficult, it will pay off in the long run.

Good Attitude
A poor attitude is toxic. A good attitude will contribute to a powerful culture.

Upbeat and Positive
Stay upbeat and positive even when it’s tough. There is always a solution to every problem.

Team Player
Play for the team, not just yourself. Together everyone achieves more.

Ryder Energy: Empowering independence with the sun

Ryder Energy are passionate about solar and we are committed to providing Christchurch and the surrounding areas with the latest solar technologies. We strive to ensure our customers enjoy their experience with our company as well as proving the benefits of solar power.

We are on a mission to bring you energy independence.

What our users say

Thanks for your great service in installing and setting up our Ryder Energy solar power system Pat.  It’s early days yet but already we’re delighted with the environmentally friendly electricity it’s generating and the savings on our power bills. A nice investment provided and supported by a helpful company – Maurice Ward, Sumner.

Maurice Ward, Sumner

Ryder Energy came and put solar panels on our roof and it only took them half a day to put them on. We think solar panels are really cool because we are now making our own power and mum and dad are happy because it saves them lots of money.

Aria & Rainer Hickmott, Rangiora

Ryder Energy make the transition to solar so easy. They took care of practically all of the process meaning we were producing our own electricity in no time. Highly recommend these guys.

Simon Birch, New Brighton


Fast Response Time

Contact us via our website and we will be in touch within 24 hours!

Instant Solar Proposal

Ryder Energy provide a complete solar proposal at the time consultation for residential systems. No waiting for a quote to arrive. We will provide all of the information at the time of our site visit.

Ongoing Support

We will continue to monitor your solar system after it is installed to ensure it is generating maximum power.