How Does Solar Work?

A grid-tided solar system means your PV system is connected to the national grid. This means when you can draw energy from your solar panel array when your panels are producing electricity but you can also rely on the grid for electricity at night time when your panels aren’t producing energy. A grid-tied system also allows you to sell excess energy from your solar panels back to grid.

How Grid-tied solar works:

  • An array of solar panels on your roof captures the suns energy and converts this energy into DC (direct current) electricity.
  • The DC electricity generated by your solar panels runs to an inverter which converts the electricity from DC to AC (alternating current) electricity which is used in your home.
  • The electricity is then sent from the inverter to your switch board which then sends the electricity to your appliances and lights. If you have excess power, this is sent to the grid via a two-way meter which measures the energy you provide to the grid and also the energy you draw from the grid.
  • If you choose to install solar batteries excess energy generated during the day will be stored (rather than sold to the grid) so it can be used at night when your panels aren’t producing electricity.

What are the benefits of Grid-tied Solar?

  • Take control of your power costs. By installing solar you can avoid rising power prices and lock in what you pay for electricity for the next 25 years!
  • Excess power your solar panels generate can be sold back to the grid. This will provide you with a credit on your power bill.
  • If your solar panels aren’t providing you with enough power (like at night) you can still draw from the grid.
  • This is the cheapest way to install solar power and save on your electricity bill
  • If you chose to install solar batteries as well this will allow you to use almost all the energy your solar panels generate and will give you even more control over your power costs and ensure maximum savings!
  • Increase the value of your home. A solar installation is an attractive addition to you home for house buyers.
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